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Mitchell Junior High FCA Blessings in a Backpack

This is a service we do on a weekly basis. We have a program at our elementary schools called, "Blessings in a Backpack." This is a program where food items are sent home each Friday with students who are in need. It requires almost 200 bags be filled each week and our group provides the volunteers to do that.

This is a project that I would recommend for any FCA group who has a food pantry in their community. We got the idea from an article that ran in the newspaper that spoke of a need for donations of laundry detergent and it stated that the homemade type was a very cost effective type!

Mitchell Junior High FCA making Laundry Detergent.

Our first batch was made solely for the purpose of donation to the LIFE pantry. We then decided to double the purpose of making the detergent. We offered homemade detergent to our faculty/staff at all of our schools for a donation (we sent out recommended donations), and then we used all the money raised from those donations to pay off layaway for local families at Christmas time. It was an AWESOME experience. A lot of our faculty/staff donated money and then asked us to donate their bottle of detergent to the pantry!!!!!

We ended up helping 4 families this Christmas and donated over 20 bottles of detergent to our food pantry. We already have staff asking for more detergent so we will be making another batch in the coming week and taking another donation to the pantry!

All in all it takes about 2 hours to make the detergent and the startup cost is very little. If anyone wants more details, feel free to email us and we can share!